Early Years -
Bi-lingual Relationships And Sexuality Education Resources

Variety of activities for educating children age 3 - 5 years

©Teach Health 4 Kids resources have been created to support practitioners in teaching some aspects of the mandatory content within the Relationships and Sexuality Education Code, Welsh Government 2021.

The various activities within this booklet have been created to facilitate practitioners with planning an active play/learning environment. The resources allow children to be spontaneous, as well as taking part in structured activities. The various short activities have been created in order to be considerate of the children’s short concentration ability of children age 3 – 5 years and provide opportunities:

  • independence
  • speaking, discussing and communicating
  • listening
  • waiting their turn
  • reading
  • mark-making and writing
  • exploring
  • observing

Teaching themes

  • Learning the accurate terminology for all parts of the body.
  • Learning about personal boundaries and which parts of the body are private.
  • Learn about the people who help us.

Resources content

  • Floor mat size 1500mm x 900mm
  • Teacher booklet with comprehensive instructions
  • Body part cards
  • Red and green signal cards
  • Signals for safety poster

Photocopiable documents

  • Red and green cards
  • Signals for safety poster
  • Pants outline
  • Body outline

All of the above resources come in a branded, durable zipped bag to store all of the various components.

Price £165 (Postage and packaging £5.00)

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