Infographic - ‘Journey to Mandatory RSE’ for planning towards mandatory RSE
“As a diverse secondary school the ‘Journey to Mandatory RSE’ infographic that Judith has created has provided the Senior Management Team with a clear easy to understand pathway for our school to plan a comprehensive whole school RSE that meets our learners diverse needs.”

Whole school RSE Audit Tool
“The Audit Tool has provided an opportunity for us to asses current provision. It has also provided the school with an insight into what the school needs to do in order to achieve high quality whole school RSE for all our learners.

Learners consultation activities pack
“The leaners consultation activity pack has provided learners with opportunities to express their views on our current provision and provide invaluable suggestions for improving our RSE so that it meets their diverse needs. The most valuable feedback that learners expressed was that they wished all of the topics were delivered much earlier on in their school life e.g. learning about contraception and STI’s much earlier, more detailed lessons about menstruation etc.

Schemes of Work
“Judith has created schemes of work that has enable our school to plan and deliver a diverse, rights and equity based whole school RSE programme which complies with the descriptions of learning within the Areas of Learning, Curriculum for Wales Guidance 2020.

Local Authority
Judith was commissioned to assist all schools within our Local Authority for readiness of mandatory RSE. The primary, secondary and special school teacher training she facilitated as well as the many resources and planning documentation she has created has enabled all of our school to plan and develop more effective whole school RSE for the future.

Judith facilitated teacher training and planning events for individual school, primary/ secondary cluster schools as well as a whole authority forum. All teaching staff have expressed their increase in confidence in teaching RSE. The schemes of work Judith has created has enable schools to effectively plan the curriculum to conform with the New Curriculum for Wales 2020 and RSE mandatory status.”