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£220 - special offer for mandatory Relationships and Sexuality Education

All cards and resources for pupils are available in English or Welsh.

Teach Health 4 Kids™ interactive resources will contribute towards teaching aspects of mandatory Relationships and Sexuality Education and Health and Wellbeing, Area of Learning & Experience within Curriculum for Wales 2020 and the Relationships and Sexuality Education Code 2021.

They have been developed to enable pupils to actively participate in their learning experiences.

Two floor mats size 90cm x 110cm of chosen gender and ethnicity - boy and girl (front and back view).

The resources are made up of a number of components which comprise of:

  • A teacher information booklet comprising of six detailed exemplar Circle Time lesson plans:-
    • Promote Safeguarding and Personal Safety - How to keep the body safe from inapproriate touching
      Suitable for pupils age 5 – 11 years
    • My Incredible Body - Learn about the anatomy, facts and functions of major organs of the body.
      Suitable for pupils age 7 – 11 years
    • Puberty - Learn about puberty changes and how to keep the body and mind healthy.
      Suitable for pupils age 8 - 11 years
    • Smoking Prevention - Too Cool to Smoke!
      Suitable for pupils age 7 – 11 years
    • Alcohol Prevention – Too Wise for Alcohol!
      Suitable for pupils age 7 – 11 years
    • Promote Self Esteem – Happy Days!
      Suitable for pupils age 7 - 11 years
  • Body parts labels for labeling parts of the body.
  • Puberty cards for discussing puberty development (these cards will match the chosen ethnicity of the floor mats).
  • Internal organ cards – skull, brain, lungs, heart, stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, male and female reproductive organs, symbols representing the 5 senses and skeleton.
  • Swimsuit front and back.

All of the above resources come in a branded, durable zipped bag to store all of the various components.

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All cards and resources for pupils are also available in European languages as well as Russian through special orders.

For further information, please email mail@teachhealth4kids.com.


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